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My book The Ultimate Answer …is inside™ has been a 20+ year journey and a lifetime of transformation and learning. It is now coming into fruition and it’s about to explode its magic into our world and help so many people who are ready to uplevel their life and upgrade their energy. The Ultimate Answer is a book about transformation, spirituality, and science that is presented in a way that is easy to understand, yet goes deeper than any book of its kind has gone before. This book is what you are ready to embrace...

New Release from Best Selling Author, Joshua Bloom

The Book That Reveals How to INSTANTLY Evolve and Transform ‘YOU’ and Your Life!.

Foreword by World Renowned Scientist and Best Selling Author Bruce H. Lipton, Ph. D.

"In The Ultimate Answer, author Joshua Bloom provides vital life-enhancing knowledge about energy fields and consciousness that can be used to empower your life.

Knowledge is power, and the awareness offered by Joshua is indeed a powerful resource for taking control of our lives.”

- Bruce H. Lipton, Ph. D.

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We have all been searching for it
-- and have been looking for it in the wrong places.

We show you The Ultimate Answer --
where it lives -- and where it has always been …

It's so simple, and so obvious -- that we have all missed it …

Until NOW! …

You may think that you have seen it all --

You have read the books, watched the movies
and learned from many teachers,

But... there is more to the story...

You were provided ideas, concepts, science and some
basic tools, but where do you go from this point forward?

The rest is here.

The Answer ... is inside


“The expert of the future will bring you back to yourself. Personally transform, change or shift whatever you choose. The expert of the future... is you!”  

-- Joshua Bloom


Before The Book - There was the movie...

Feel totally confident and unstoppable!

It’s time for you to experience relief as if the weight of the world were off your shoulders… It’s time for that breakthrough, where you get to feel like you’re on top of the world... and then take that confidence to the next level as you move forward through life with ease… and best of all, your transformation will be easy!

I invite you to consider many new possibilities that you may never have considered before now. This book is a perspective of opportunities for energetic transformations that can shift your life in ways that you may not have yet dreamed possible. This book is not right or wrong, good or bad, true or false. It’s about discovering what is true for you. 

Discover your possibilities in the Quantum Field…