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Created by Joshua Bloom, Internationally Acclaimed Trusted Authority on Quantum Transformation, #1 Best-Selling Author of The Ultimate Answer ...Is Inside™

These cards, in connection with all of the fields; your chakra fields, your auric field, as well as the Morphic and Quantum Fields, hold a resonance within them. You, as a light being, also have an energy resonance within you. By connecting with these cards, your resonance brings forth the energy you require into your reality. At times, the cards mirror your experience, to show you where you are now, while at other times, the cards invite you to consider new, and amazing possibilities. Each and every card that shows up for you, is an opportunity to grow, evolve and shift in the Quantum field...

Who will you choose to become?

What possibilities will you consider?


This Oracle Card Game Portal Was Created to Solve 3 Crucial Challenges that Empaths, Sensitives, Intuitives & Energy Workers face:

① Emotional overload that leads to debilitating physical issues:
The game will help you release physical, emotional and energetic problems, including trauma and stored cellular memories that you don't even realize are there holding you back. In this game, transformation happens fast and many times instantly.

② Releasing is so much easier when you don’t have to go it alone:
Releasing stored cellular memories and shifting in the Quantum Field is so much easier when you are working with a practitioner. However, with my oracle card game, the cards become your practitioner, making it super easy to turbocharge your transformation to reach unprecedented success!

③ We help others more than we help ourselves:
As an Empath, Intuitive or energy worker, you tend to put everyone before yourself. Sound familiar? I know this first hand. The problem is that when you don’t evolve yourself daily, you stay the same, while life passes you by. When you evolve yourself daily, you get to become the next best version of yourself, while you feel amazing and live your best awesome life! Play this game daily as a ritual and evolution becomes a way of life, where you get to live life on your terms and be limitless.

Discover Your Possibilities In The Quantum Field!

"I am finding the cards very helpful since I tend to learn more kinesthetically, but I often have trouble sensing when the energy moves and when I'm in the body... So, finding these instant feedback tools are amazing!"

- Maureen Gil, Louisiana

"Wow! It has got me reeling and all kinds of emotions going but it feels so true! Thank you Joshua, I'll continue to play and see what happens."

- Stella, Kenya

"I play the cards daily and they are amazing! I have been procrastinating over something very important in my life and today I got myself back on track with the cards. Another issue I dealt with had to do with my connection with a family member. I have struggled with our relationship because we are very different but having played the game around different aspects of our relationship my attitude has completely changed. My energy is rising! Thank you Joshua for your extraordinary creativity."

- Margarita Foley, Ireland

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"Through the Quantum Portal" Oracle Card Game
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How does the game work? 

Through this game, you will be invited to discover your own metaphors in the cards that apply to your life situations, problems, and intentions, just as if it were real life. The holographic experience that the cards present, mirror your life and your life mirrors the cards, to create an amazing holographic and Quantum experience, which holds the potential to provide instant transformation, change, and evolution in any given moment.

You always get to be right! Since the game is played as if it were real life, your perception is key! How you perceive any given situation in your real life is your interpretation, and from your way of looking at it, you choose to move forward, make decisions, choose life directions, hold opinions, and have a place to stand. This game is no different than real life.

“The game” … “real life” … what’s the difference? Your brain can’t tell the difference between something you imagined, and something that actually happened to you. Your brain and your energy hold the same vibration within you as if it were real, even if you experienced it as a dream. So, jump into the hologram of the game, as it’s just as real as real life. Begin at the Quantum Portal, and take this journey of discovery, transformation, and evolution. Who are you destined to become?

Eliminate roadblocks and live life on your terms!
Start releasing, transforming and evolving NOW!

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What makes this game so insightful?

“Every moment, including this moment, and every moment experienced in this game, opens the doors to new possibilities that you may not have even considered possible for you. Any given moment holds the potential for energy movement to flow through you, and for your body to instantly manifest Quantum change through Quantum beingness. What’s possible for you in the Quantum Field?”

This game is for you if ...

  • You are ready to live life on your terms and experience freedom now.
  • You have a passion for becoming limitless in an easy fun way!
  • You are ready to transform your physical or emotional problems quickly.
  • You require assistance with easily releasing negativity and overload.
  • You value the benefits of daily transformation and desire a tool to turbocharge your life.

"I worked on allowing myself to have lots of money with Joshua's oracle card game and WOW! I was well aware of these limiting beliefs but the cards basically "threw it all back at me" to face head on!!! I faced it! Cleared it in 10 rounds. Thank you Joshua Bloom for coming up with a fun but very effective way to get past our limiting beliefs and allow us move forward with ease and joy in our life!!" 

- Sheryl Delaplane, Indiana

"I enjoy very much the Oracle Cards. They provide lots of great opportunities to heal and release, and I play often. The information which shows up is always true, and although I didn't experience much of the Oracle cards before, I am really hooked on these ones! They provide lots of clues, inspiration, and I breath a lot during the experience."

- Anna Gelbert

"I LOVE these cards! - So user friendly and comes up with exactly what I need."

- Jessie Scott, Australia

“Through the Quantum Portal” Oracle Card Game

Here’s what you get...

  • Instant Access to the Quantum Portal, where anything becomes possible!
  • The Ability to Play Unlimited Games to help you transform anything now!
  • Member area packed full with helpful tools to begin your transformation today!
  • Quick Start Directions that help you easily begin playing in just 5 minutes.
  • Full Game Directions that helps you get even more out of your game experience.
  • Game Results/Statistics for each game that shows your personal progression.
  • Have the ability to write notes during your game as a reminder of your experience. You may also put notes for each card on your results page so you can remember how you personally interpreted each card.
  • View your previously saved game results to use as a guide for your evolution.
  • Easy to understand Video Training to teach you how to play the game and get the most out of each and every Quantum session.

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"Through the Quantum Portal" Oracle Card Game
Get your risk free 10-day trial today! No credit card needed.

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You will Discover How To:

  • live life on your terms! 
  • transform emotional and physical issues that have been plaguing you for years and have been stopping you from living your best life. 
  • allow the cards to bring up and know the most critical issues for you to release. It’s amazing how the cards are always right on! 
  • experience the evolving YOU! Discover who you are destined to become, as you evolve. 
  • quickly reduce your stress and feel better each and every day. 
  • experience the wonderful adventures that the game takes you through with your personal connection to the Quantum and Morphic Fields. 
  • jump into a new dimension to discover what’s possible for YOU!

Discover your possibilities in the Quantum Field.
Get your powerful results today. Enjoy freedom.

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