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Manifestation for 2022



Your Yearly Goals Can
Happen Easily, Effortlessly and Automatically
with Just 4 Simple Steps

There's the traditional way of goal-setting, then there's Quantum.
Say goodbye to the way things were!

Burning out on effort and hard work

Experiencing frenetic energy - NOT getting what you want

Putting yourself last on your list - never getting to what’s important

Taking 1 step forward and 4 steps back

Life’s NOT filling you up - losing energy for what matters

Hoping for luck - feeling lost and wandering through life

My POWERFUL 2-day Masterclass will help you BREAKTHROUGH to SUCCESS in a natural, easy way. Get ahead of your year and THRIVE in 2022.


Your Best Year Yet!

Most Direct & Easy Way to Manifest Your Year!

Energetically, 2022 is a year of great potential!

As an empath, intuitive or energy worker, I'll take you through the fastest, simplest and most effective ways to connect with yourself to easily achieve your goals.

Imagine how exhilarating and freeing it is to plan the year of a lifetime? Imagine the possibilities! Or even how amazing it is to KNOW within your entire body that source is working directly with you to make your intent a reality!

In this 2-day power training, you'll uncover new ways to instantly shift your identity to become a person who is naturally successful in life and business. Feel so confident that you'll undoubtedly achieve your goals and dreams!


Actualizing Your Goals For 2022 Will Give You A Roadmap to Making Your Dreams A Reality

If you're an empath that’s ready to create the year of a lifetime, this awesome Masterclass is for YOU

There's just 3 steps to a great year.

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Attend LIVE!

Feel the energy and soak up the process LIVE January 26th and 27th (4-6PM ET). Connect with attendees and get the chance to ask questions from wherever you are!

Actualize Your Year

Begin to feel the amazing confidence and clarity that comes from understanding who you are and how you work! Start attracting your best life in 2022!


Margarita Foley

"I am having such a powerful experience of who I am. You are so amazing in how you use seemingly simple ways to allow us to become more fully who we are. I am so excited because I feel so much freer to share even with family, ways they can heaĺ. I never felt able to do this so simply before. That is my passion to enable people to discover the great power inside themselves to be who they truly are. It is miraculous what I am discovering. You are truly a blessing, Joshua."

Alison Bussey

I experienced so much energy and so many shifts and so many awarenesses... What you mentioned near the end about money allowed such awareness of the deep "grief" and "fear" within my body system that has been blocking money from coming into my life for so long and keeping me in victim mode!!! Wow so incredibly profound!!! My face is still wet from the tears, and right now I am experiencing the energy as warmth at the back of my heart and I allow all energy to keep moving - Thank you!!


Today Everyone Should Have the Right to Success

You are absolutely amazing, even when you think you’re not! You have the right to create and achieve your dreams… allow it to be yours! Here are some of the ways you'll crush it in 2022 using principles of this live event.


 Let Go of Negativity & Rise up to New Possibilities  
Suppressed emotions cause negative thoughts. These unconscious thoughts bring you down by shifting your focus from what's right to what's WRONG. I'm going to show you exactly how to rise above the negativity and live every day in the highest vibration while focusing on what's RIGHT.

 Powerful Manifestation Secrets
You DESERVE to have everything you choose! I’ll take you through experiences that set your energy system up for massive manifestation. This is the secret to having everything you want in life! Once you understand the true secrets and power of manifestation, you’ll never worry about money or success again.

 Focus Mastery - Your focus is your Superpower! 
What you focus on is what you get. Know How to Focus and Where to Start. I’ll guide you using my proven method, so you easily reach success. 

Access Includes...


  • Let Go of Negativity
  • Powerful Manifestation Secrets  - Have it all!
  • Focus Mastery - Your focus is your Superpower! 
  • “What’s More Important Than That” Quantum Shift!
  • Release Your Biggest Blocks to Effortlessly Actualize!
  • Set Your Passions on the Quantum Timeline - Naturally and easily have success!
  • Identity Mastery: Shift Into the Successful YOU

 “What’s More Important Than That” Quantum Shift!
I’ve been using this tool for over 20 years and it’s one of the most profound exercises to unveil your purpose. I’ll guide you through this exercise so you easily associate your purpose to what you do. And the most amazing thing is that it’s easy and powerful at the same time.

 Release Your Biggest Blocks to Effortlessly Actualize Your Intentions! 
Start actualizing your goals! We’ll engage a supercharged process that actually sets your goals into the future in a way that they become your new REALITY! No more having to write out your goals or figure out how to achieve them. This experience gives you the human computer upgrade you need to unconsciously and effortlessly reach your goals.

 Set Your Passions on the Quantum Timeline
In this live class experience, we’ll use my online oracle card game to release low energies and raise your vibration to the highest level possible for you. My “Through the Quantum Portal” oracle cards will help you transcend your energy fast and easy. After this call you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world with a strong sense of direction and purpose for reaching your goals and having success.

 Identity Mastery: Shift Into the SUCCESSFUL YOU  
Who you are matters! I’ll show you exactly how to shift into your new identity so you’ll actualize your goals and align with powerful actions and bring them into your reality.




  • Learn to set goals that SERVE you!
  • Identify your true purpose for 2022 and beyond, to easily hit your goals and embrace growth!
  • Release what's holding you back to effortlessly create the year of your dreams!
  • Focus is your superpower - Raise your vibration and learn how to manifest what you choose to have with clear intention!
  • BONUS Identity Mastery - Shift Into the Successful YOU
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